How much does Verity cost?
Verity is free! With minimal fees. For more info, you can check here.
What does Verity offer?
- A prepaid card for each child that can be physical and/or virtual, free for our standard design or a customized design for a fee.
- A money management app with two experiences – one for the parent, and one for the child.
- The ability to set parental controls based on your comfort zone.
- Customized real-time notification such as those for children’s spending, saving, chores, and more.
- Ability to add money to your account.
- Free transactions within the UAE.
- Ability to set automated digital allowances.
- Setting up and rewarding chores and behavioral tasks.
- Customer care
- Insight into children’s spending and saving habits.
How do I register for a Verity account as a parent or guardian?
Signing up is easy and only takes a few minutes. Once you download our app, you will be guided by an easy-to-follow guide to create an account and register.

To register your account, choose “Parent Account”. Enter your name, email address, and phone number, and verify your account with the one-time password (OTP) you receive by SMS.

Because we value your security, we need to verify your and your child’s identities through your Emirates IDs. Click on “Verify ID” and upload / scan your ID, fill out the information, and click Submit for approval. It will only take a few minutes to review and approve your account.

Next, add your children’s identification information, and select the subscription option that works best for you. Your card will NOT be charged until your account is approved, and your free one-month subscription has passed. Once approved, you should receive your children’s cards within 3 business days of submitting the order.
Do I need to have a bank account at a specific bank?
Verity is bank agnostic – it doesn’t matter what bank you deal with for you to create an account with us. You can have an account with any bank in the UAE and not have to switch accounts.
How do I register for a Verity account as a kid or teen?
Your parent or guardian has to download the Verity App and register first. Once all their information is approved, you can scan their QR Code through your Verity App. Once you’re linked, you can now customize your account by choosing your nickname, avatar, and which card design you want for your prepaid card.

Your parent or guardian can now order your Verity card for you.
How many children can I have on Verity?
You can add an unlimited number of children. Each child will have their own account and prepaid card to use.
What identification and information will I need to open a Verity account?
As a company that offers a financial service, we are required to “know” our customers. Our Know Your Customer (KYC) process is similar to what a bank would ask, but shorter and quicker! It compares information on multiple databases as a name check, but does not check your credit history.

All you need are your and your children’s Emirates IDs, proof of relationship to them if you are a guardian and a family member that is not a parent, and to answer a few basic questions about your employment, etc…

Once the information is submitted, it only takes a few minutes to review and approve!

Once approved, you can continue on to setting up your account.
What is the difference between a traditional bank account for my children and having a Verity account?
Verity is not a bank account or a bank. We have built an experience with children at the forefront, offering education and real-life money experiences that are gamified and fun!

Verity is built as a financial education app first, and a money management app second. This matters because we are centered around the learning experience. In addition:

- We focus on the importance of saving money (vs. spending), and teach children to make their own decisions as to where to move money from allowances and chores between their card and / or saving goals.
- We have prepaid debit cards for children from as young as 8 years old.
- We are an easy-to-use app that is separate from your bank, where a parent or guardian can create the limits and controls they are comfortable with to teach their children about money. Children also have their own login and customized experience and independence.
- We offer spending limits and an option for parents and guardians to decide if the card can be used in stores, online, at ATMS, all of them, or a combination of any two.
- We offer real-time notifications for spending, saving, chores, and more.
- We digitize and automate allowances to your children, and enable you to send them money instantly at a click of a button.
- We teach kids how to earn money and value it through chores that are rewarded by you

And this is just the beginning. We are working on adding even more features.

You can learn more about features here.
How long does it take for my kids to receive their physical card?
You should have your card within 3 business days.
Does my child need to have a phone?
No. We know some parents prefer not to give their children a phone until a certain age, so we ensured that you can give your child a physical prepaid card, in addition to showing all other information on the parent mobile device.
What is Verity?
Verity is a family app and pre-paid debit card that teaches children between the ages of of 8 and 18 how to manage their money by actually managing it in a safe environment. It allows parents to set limits and guide their children’s spending, saving, earning, and giving activities as the children are introduced to the digital cash and personal money management world of today.
Where is Verity available?
At the moment, we are available in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) but will be expanding into other Middle East and North Africa (MENA) markets soon!
Can adults have a Verity card?
Adults automatically get a virtual card in the Verity app, but not a physical one. You can use it online and in apps.
How old does my child have to be to have a Verity card?
We recommend children between the ages of 8 and 18 get a Verity card; however, if you feel your younger children may benefit and be able to use our card, you are free to sign them up for one at your discretion.
Is there a minimum balance requirement for a Verity account?
No, you can keep a zero balance if you need to and you won't be charged any fees.
What are the different subscription plans available?
Verity App is free.
What other fees might I incur?
We believe in transparency and hate what people refer to as “fine print”.

The App subscription is free, but other additional services and fees include:
- Parent account loading fees
- Foreign transaction fees
- ATM withdrawal fees

You can check all our fees here.
Can I cancel my subscription?
You can cancel your subscription at any time.
Is there a cancellation fee?
We do not charge a cancelation fee, but there is a fee to wire your money to your bank account. Check our fees for more info.
How is Verity different?
Verity is not a bank. We are also bank-agnostic, which means you can use any bank account to fund your account with us.

The main things that set us apart are:
- Creating a safe environment for children to learn how to manage money through real-life money decisions.
- Parent / guardian and child relationships are verified and linked.
- Parent / guardian decides spending limits for individual transactions, daily and weekly spending for each childIn
- In-app card activation / deactivation controls.
- Ability to block usage of the card online, in-store, and at ATMs.
- Instant notification for spending, saving, chores, and more.
- No card number on the physical cards.
- Retrieve PIN numbers through the app.

- Upfront and transparent fees are shared – no fine lines, no hidden fees
- Interactive and customizable insights on spending and saving per child and for the whole family.

- Children consciously make the decision of where to transfer their allowance, earnings, and transfers each time rather than them going automatically to the card.
- We encourage saving, while others promote spending because they make their money from interchange fees
- Intuitive AI that helps identify behaviors and promote smart decision making.
- Off-line financial education content
- Positive financial behavioral that will last a lifetime.
What happens if my child’s card is lost?
You can easily suspend your child’s card through the app by clicking on the Card icon in the bottom menu, select which card you want to block, and then click on “Suspend.”  You can also request a replacement card for AED 100 to cover the cost of new card issuing and mailing.
Can I reactivate a card after ordering a replacement?
To protect your security, we cannot reactivate your card once a replacement card has been ordered.
How can I block my card?
Click on the Card icon in the bottom menu, select which card you want to block, and then click on “Suspend.” 
Where can I find my card number?
Click on the Card icon in the bottom menu, then select “Show Details” to get your card information including card number, expiration date, and CVV. 
How do I copy my card number to use it online?
Simply press down on or select the card number on the screen to copy it.
Where can I find my PIN?
Click on the Card icon in the bottom menu and then on “Show PIN”.
How do I change my PIN?
Click on the Card icon in the bottom menu and then on “Change PIN”.
Who can I speak to about issues with my card?
You can call us at +971 600 505 005.
When will my card arrive?
You should receive your card within 2 - 3 business days from the time you place your order. Orders after 9:00 pm will be considered placed the next business day.
How do I manage my child’s spending limit?
This feature is currently unavailable, but will be added soon! We will notify you when this feature is available.
How do I enable ATM withdrawal?
This feature is already enabled. In the future, you will be able to disable it if need be. Withdrawals from any ATM will incur a fees. Check our pricing and fees here.
Can I disable online purchases?
It is not possible to disable online purchases at the moment. However, you can enable notifications to know when your child makes a purchase online, from which store, and for how much. Having conversations with your children about your expectations of how they spend their allowance and earnings can help.
What is a virtual card?
A virtual card is a card that can be used through wallets such as ApplePay or Google Pay, or online on websites or for apps. It is not a physical card.
Can I add my Verity card to ApplePay / Google Pay?
You can currently ad your card to Google Pay. ApplePay and Samsung Pay will be coming soon! We will notify you when this feature is available.
Can I add my card to my Apple watch?
Not at the moment, but you will be able to add your card to your Apple watch very soon! We will notify you when this feature is available.
What do I do if there are unauthorized charges on the card or if I need to dispute a charge?
Make sure you suspend your card through our app (see question 3 above), and call us at +971 600 505 005 to report it. Each dispute will incur an AED 50 fee.
Can I use my card abroad?
Yes! Your card can be used anywhere VISA is accepted. Since it is an AED denominated card, your transactions will incur foreign transaction fees. Check our pricing and fees here.
How long is my card valid for?
Your card is valid for 3 years from the date of its issue. The expiration date can be found under the “Show Details” section of the app.
How can I renew my card?
Before its expiration, you will automatically be prompted to renew from the app / your card will be automatically renewed.
Why can’t I spend all the money that’s on my card?
Your prepaid VISA debit card has a maximum limit set by our partners. Additionally, parents and guardians may have set daily and weekly spending limits.
Can I move money from my card to my savings and vice versa?
Yes! Click on the “Transfer Money” button from the main screen, then “Transfer Between Accounts”. Choose between “Spending” and “Saving” by click the arrows to switch in between to switch where you are transferring the money from. 
How do I fund goals?
To add to a goal, click on it, then “Fund Goal”, the amount you want to transfer,  and choose “Card” for the source of funds, and “Savings” or one of your Saving Goals as the destination.
Are your cards biodegradable / recyclable?
We care about the environment! Our cards are made from recyclable and recycled, bio-sourced, chlorine-free or salvaged ocean plastics. Verity cards use 100% non-virgin PVC for card-core. The production of the cards consume -30% less energy, and has a -20% carbon footprint than normal banking cards.
Can my child just have a virtual card without a physical card?
Sure, but we highly recommend that children under the age of 12 or 13 use a physical card for learning purposes. For a virtual-only card, just create your child’s profile and set up and activate the card in the app and you’re good to go!
How do I know if my card is active?
Click on the Card icon in the bottom menu and select the card you want to check. On the card image, you will see “Active” or “Inactive” at the top right, which shows you the status of the card.
What is a Task?
A Task is a chore you assign your child for them to earn some extra pocket money. It can be a household Task (like setting the table or tidying their room) or a behavioral Task (like reading a book or exercising for 30 minutes). You can choose to automate Tasks so the reward will automatically be transferred from your parent wallet to the child’s wallet once the child presses the “Complete Task” button, or you can manually approve the Task after they press “Complete Task”. 
What is a Goal? 
A Goal is a Saving Goal that a family as a whole or a child individually wants to save towards. Maybe something they want to buy, or an amount they want to give or donate.
What is the difference between a Goal and a Task?
A Goal is something your child or family is saving towards, while a Task is something they need to complete to earn extra pocket money. Think Savings vs. Earnings.
What types of Goals are there?  
There are two types of Goals: Family Goals and individual Goals.

Family Goal: If a Goal is set from a parent’s app for multiple family members, it becomes a Family Goal and can be assigned to as many children as the parent would like. Everyone involved in that Goal can contribute towards funding it.

Individual Goal: If a parent sets a Goal and assigns it to one child or a child sets a Goal for themselves it’s considered an Individual Goal. Parents can contribute to any Individual Goals they created for their children, however only the child who created an Individual Goal for themselves can fund it.
How do I set a Goal as a child (individual Goal)?
Press on the + sign next to Goals and add the Goal’s name, amount, any extra details, and what category it falls under, then press “Next”.  Set the deadline and press “Next” to create it.
How do I fund a Goal as a child? 
Whether funding an Individual Goal or a Family Goal, you can fund it the same way. Press the “Fund Goal” button. Enter the amount you want to transfer and press the “Transfer” button. This will move funds from your Available Balance and add it to the Goal. It will NOT show up in Savings. 
What happens when an individual Goal is complete?
The funds are returned to the available balance in your wallet for you to use towards what you have been saving for (purchasing something, or donating).
How do I set a Family Goal as a Parent?
Press on the + sign next to Goals and choose which children you’re assigning it to. Press “Next”, and add the Goal’s name, amount, any extra details, and what category it falls under, then press “Next”.  Set the deadline and press Next to create it.
How do you fund a Family Goal?
Whether you’re a parent or a child, select the Goal and then press the “Fund Goal” button. Enter the amount you want to transfer and press “Transfer”. This will move money from your available balance into the Goal. Please note: it will not show up as savings. 
What happens to the money when a Family Goal is completed?
When the Family Goal is completed, all the money is returned to the Parents Wallet under “Available Balance”. We hope this will then mean the parent will then buy what the family saved for and not spend it on themselves :). Or, a parent can transfer it back to a child / their children through an Instant Transfer for the child / children to make the purchase themselves. 
What happens when a Family Goal is canceled?
The money is returned to each of the individuals wallets based on how much they contributed towards that Family Goal. 
How do I set a Task? 
Press on the + sign next to Tasks and choose which child you’re assigning it to. Press Next, and add the Task’s name, reward amount, and any extra details, then press Next.  Set the deadline for the Task and check the box if you want the amount to be automatically transferred to your child once they mark it as complete. Otherwise  leave it empty to manually approve Tasks. Press Next and the Task will now be assigned to your child.
What’s the difference between automated and manual Tasks?
Automated Tasks transfer money earned automatically once the Child marks them as complete. Manual Tasks need a parent to approve them before the reward is transferred to the Child.
Where does the money go when a Task is completed?
The Task reward will be transferred to your Child’s account under “Available Balance” either automatically, or manually once you approve it. 
Why doesn’t money from a completed Goal show up in savings?
The money gets transferred to your “Available Balance” once you mark the Goal as completed.
Do I need to approve my child’s Tasks when they mark them complete?
You can choose to Auto Transfer the Task reward once they mark the Task as complete when you’re setting up Tasks, or you can manually approve each Task. It all depends on what you prefer.
How do I add a Child?
-Once you have completed your registration on the Verity App and your documents have been approved, you can add your Child. Press on the Person Icon at the bottom right of your dashboard, and then on “Family Details”. Press the + sign and enter your Child’s information. You will need their original EID with you.

Please take a clear picture of their actual EID (not from a screen) with as little glare or shadow as possible to ensure a quick approval. Make sure there is nothing obscuring the information on the ID (stickers / fingers).

It should get approved within minutes. If not, please contact our Whatsapp Help at +971585347030.

Once approved, you will see a QR code available next to the name of your Child. The child will need to download the Verity App and press on “I’m the Child - Create An Account” and then scan the QR Code from your app, or you can send them a code by pressing on Send Code instead. You’re now connected!
How can I fund my Verity account?
You can only connect a UAE bank account to fund your Verity account. Press on the Person/Profile icon at the bottom right of the Parents Dashboard, and then on the “Fund Account” tab.

If you haven’t connected a bank account yet, press on “Manage Banks”, and then on the + sign at the top right. Click on “Continue”, and then on “Set Up Payments”. Find your bank on the list provided or use the search bar to find it. Select your bank and press on “Agree and Continue” to give permission to connect to your bank securely. You can now login to your personal bank account by using your online credentials. Once your account is connected, choose which account you want to transfer money from. 

**Please note that Verity CANNOT access your account at any time nor are we able to see your username and password. These functionalities just facilitate an IBAN transfer to your Verity account directly.  You will still need your own OTP or security pass depending on which bank you are using.

On the Fund Account screen, enter the amount you want to transfer into your Verity account. A 4 Dirham fee for funding your account will be deducted from the total amount you input. Press on “Fund Account” and the amount will be transferred instantly to your Verity account’s Available Balance. You may be asked for extra security verifications from your bank, such as an OTP or Smartpass depending on your bank’s security settings.
How do I order a prepaid card for my child? 
Once you complete your registration and adding your Child, press on the Card icon at the bottom of your dashboard. Swipe left to find your child’s card screen, and press on Request Card. Enter your name and address (please do not use special characters such as +, -, /, #, etc… otherwise the address will be rejected). Once ordered, the card will be delivered within 2 – 3 business days in Dubai, a little longer for other Emirates. The courier will contact you directly.  The courier will need to see the parent’s EID to confirm identity before handing over the Verity card package.

Please note:  The courier company is direct from the card printing company and Verity has no direct contact with them. 
How do I set a recurring Allowance for my child?
Press the Person / Profile tab at the bottom right of the parents dashboard. Press the “Allowances” button and then “+”.  Choose the amount you want to set up as a transfer, the frequency, and then the child you want this allowance for, and then press “Save”. 
When will the Allowance I set for my children get transferred?
Weekly Allowances get transferred every Monday, and monthly allowances get transferred on the first day of every month.
How do I send one-off money transfers to my Child?
Press on Transfer Money on your home screen, select which child you want to transfer money to, the amount you want to transfer, then press the “Transfer” Button. 
What notifications do I get from the app?
*We are adding to the list of notifications on a monthly basis*

Parents will get notifications for the following:
- Registration for a Verity account is completed ID verification is approved or rejected
- KYC is approved or rejected
- Bank added and approved
- Child’s card transactions and any declined transactions
- A Task is marked complete by the child, needs a parent’s review, or is fully completed (for auto transfers)
- Family Goal is added successfully and assigned to children

Children will get notifications for the following:
- Registration for a Verity account is completed
- A family Goal is assigned to youAn individual Goal assigned to you
- A Goal is funded by a parent An Allowance is assigned to you or is updated
- Card transactions and any declined transactions
- A Task is assigned to you, goes under review for your parent’s approval, is approved or declined by your parent
- Money transfers received from your parent
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